the ephemera of my own and others' making. captured in the one place.

i'm an audio and visual producer and director born in kettering, raised in sydney, living in london.

right now i'm doing an MA in sound art at LCC, exploring how dislocating sound from vision within documentary can help avoid habits of production and ultimately, representation.

as a freelancer i've worked for places like .cent magazine, the british museum and UCL. as a producer at hub i've worked on projects for eva cassidy, the house of lords and nature publishing group.

this space was born out of another blog: fivemegapixelmegawonders, where i put some songs i liked to some memories i had. and this is more or less how i plan to continue. sonic and visual blind dates in some form or another together with recent work, personal or professional.

get in touch: sophie.mallett[at]gmail.com

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Sonic Blind Dates 03rd April 2014


Sarin Smoke - Smokescreen 2007

Underground psychadelic noise in side project of Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Pete Swanson (Yellow Swan)

1. Beneath the Paving Stone - The Beach!

2. Russian Waterfall

Lonnie Donnegan - 1978

Compilation of Donnegan’s releases put out on label ‘Music for Pleasure’ as a kind of introduction to his work. Lonnie Donnegan was responsible for more than 20 UK top 30 hits and was super famous before everyone became obsessed with the Beatles. Most renowned for his contribution to the resurgence of skiffle.

3. Stewball 1971

4. Battle of New Orleans 1958

5. Pick a Bale of Cotton 1962

Lakatos Gypsy Band - Hungarian Folk Songs and Dances 1960

6. The Cloud Descends

7. I fell asleep on the river bank

Pop Sike Dreams 1986

First released by Bam Caruso in 1984 as part of Rubble Series but reissued by Past & Present Records. 20 volume series is dedicated to 1960’s Brit Pyschadelic rock and ran from 1984 - 2002 - this record is volume two. Liner notes: “Regain your lost fluffiness with these wigged-out UK go-go party stoppers.” 

8. The Talismen - You break my heart

9. The Pretty Thing - Walking through my dreams

10. Bo Street Runners - Love

Super Djata Band - de Bamako vol. 2 1982

Originally released 1982 then re-released on Kindred Spirits label in 2013. Zani Diabaté led the band having started musical career as a percussionist and then becoming guitarist and singer.

11. Maliniwoula

12. Zani diabate

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Press Colour 1979

Debut album from French no-wave artist who grew up in Lyon, started a landmark record store in Paris with Michael Estaban and then relocated to NYC when she was 21. The album itself had poor sales and a small distribution meaning if you did want a copy, you’d be hard pressed to find one. Now a lot more popular thanks to historical hindsight and reissues.

13. Jim on the move

14. Wawa

Sonic Blind Dates 27th March 2014


Washington Phillips - What are they doing in heaven today? 2006

Texan Gospel singer who recorded between 1927-1929. Renowned for his zither accompaniment which he may have built or at least modified himself. His recordings existed as bootlegs until Yazoo Records put them together in a compilation in 2005 and then again when Mississippi Records released them on this record in 2006. 

1. You Can’t Stop the Tattler - Part 2

2. Take Your Burden to the Lord

Jewish Folk Songs - Latvian SSR Chorus 1987

Collection of Latvian Jewish folk songs arranged by Latvian musician and ethno-musicologist Max Golding. Recorded in Moscow in 1987 and all the liner notes are in Russian. Interestingly this concert took place in the same year that the Singing Revolution started in Estonia - where the singing of national folk songs became an act of protest against USSR reign. The revolution eventually led to the independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

3. Golden Peahen

4. When Rabbi Sings

5. Old Question

Steve Atkinson - Small Boats 2012

British folk recorded in Leicester in 81-82 but not released until 2012 in a limited 500 press. 

6. Wheel of Fortune

7. Gymnast

Chants et Musique D’Algérie

Music from Algeria put out on a label called La Vox D’Algérie. No release date on record but thought to be somewhere in the early 70s. Liner notes are in Arabic and French… looking for a translation!

8. Chorale Feminine - Dakhli Messamei

Remmy Ongala and Orchestre Super Matimila - Nalilia Mwana 1988

Release from Remmy Ongala, a Tanzanian singer, writer and band leader nicknamed ‘the doctor’. Born in DRC (then Zaire, or even Belgian Congo), and from there brought Soukous style together with Tanzanian Ubongo (Swahili word for brain). Ubongo is ‘conscious’ music - Ongala renowned for political lyrics that explored social justice and race equality.

9. Ndumila Kuwili (Don’t Speak with Two Mouths)

10. Mnyonge Hana Haki (The Poor Have no Rights)

11. Arusi Ya Mwanza (A Wedding in Mwanza)

Broadcast - Work and Non Work 1997

First release on Warp Records for the indie electronica band from Birmingham. Put out as a compilation of early singles that were recorded before they joined the label.

12. Accidentals

13. The Book Lovers

Sonic Blind Dates 20th March 2014


Bunk Johnson’s Band -1945

The best trumpeter in New Orleans in the early 20th century. Lost his trumpet and teeth in a fight in 1931 but thanks to a late revival and some dentures was able to play again and record this EP

1. All the Whores Like the Way I Ride

2. You Always Hurt the Ones you Love


Deerhoof/ KIT - Split EP 2004

Limited release from San Francisco band Deerhoof and LA band KIT. 

3. Deerhoof - Get Along with Little Doggies

13. 14. 15. KIT - Three Songs


Classroom Projects 2013

Compilation of music made for and by children in the classroom anywhere between 1967 - 1981. Put together by Johnny Trunk from Trunk Records 

4. Helington Primary School - Examples of 12 Note Melodies

5. Sounds and Silence - Music for Cymbals

6. The Searching Years - Puppets

7. The Small Choir of St. Brandon’s School - Bright Eyes


Nâhawa Doumbia - la Grande Cantatrice Malienne

Malian music originally released in 1982 and then again by label Awesome Tapes from Africa in 2011. Doumbia was raised by her grandmother in Wassoulou, an area famous for producing Mali’s greatest singers. She’s renowned for her political lyrics - especially Malian Women’s Rights.

8. Danaya

9. Kungo Sogoni


Kinnie the Explore - Self Titled LP 2012

Beautifully pressed and designed LP from Bournemouth band.

10. Scissor Dance

11. Mardi Gras


Anne Briggs - Self Titled LP 1979

Notorious folk singer, and notoriously studio-shy Anne Briggs in her first solo LP. All unaccompanied traditional folk songs apart from two of her own compositions.

12. Living by the Water


The Devil’s Music - 1979

Double LP release to accompany BBC documentary of the same name. Features ‘seminal’ blues music and musicians.

16. Edith Wilson - Yankee Doodle Blues

17. Little Brother Montgomery - I Ain’t got no Special Rider Now

18. Sam Chatmon - Sam’s Rag


Sonic Blind Dates 6th March 2014


Jerry “Boogie” McCain - Turn your Damper Down 1998

Blues musician and harmonica player from Alabama - this album is a compilation of his previous releases.

Run Uncle John! Run!

Turn your Damper Down

I Need Somebody to Love

Waikiki Beach Boys - Aloha Hawaii 1969

From the EMI label ‘Music for Pleasure’ an English reworking of Hawaiian music designed to be sold outside of record stores. 

Little Brown Gal

Blue Tahitian Moon

Yamasuki - Yamasuki’s 1971

Single release from LP ‘le monde fabuleux des yamasuki’ an album from French producers Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger aping or inventing a Japanese aesthetic



Soweto Street Music Volume 1 1984

Compilation of music from Soweto in South Africa - the South West Township which was used to exclusively house black South Africans during Apartheid. Released while apartheid was still in place. 

Kid Malume - Ingwavuma Blues

Philip Encobo - Lady Smith Jive 

Amentkentshane - Angisenaba

Umazambane - Imali Impamde Yeson

27 Puñaladas ed #3 1986

Amazing zine from Seville in the 80s which includes an EP in its back sleeve. Features music from Cordoba and Granada.

El Ultimo Puente - Malcom Mcfly

Los Discretos - El Ultimo Viaje

Arden Lagrimas - La Ley del Silencio

Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts - Homecoming 1963

Blues novelty band with novelty song titles - apparently one of their less risque albums.

Hot Konomi

Chris Colombo

Harry Nilsson - Aerial Pandemonium Ballet 1971

A remix album released before remix albums were done. Nilsson reworked successful tracks from two previous LPs ‘Pandemonium Shadow Show’ and ‘Aerial Ballet’

River Deep Mountain High

Sleep Late my Lady Friend


Sonic Blind Dates on Resonance FM 104.4

On the 2nd September I trialled a new radio format on Resonance FM - Sonic Blind Dates. I want to break the radio habit of playing you what I know, and instead, listen to music for the first time together - you and I have no idea what’s coming up, and share it for the first time over the airwaves. It’s an experiment in shared listening. I’ll be continuing this in a regular slot very soon but for now, here’s the first programme:

Sounding Space @ Sound Portal

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with artists Mark Peter Wright, Yiorgis Sakellariou and Brigitte Hart to create work for the Sound Portal.

Ambitiously named, the Sound Portal was originally designed by Arup for London’s 2012 Design Festival as a dedicated space for experiencing sound. Last year it was set up smack bang in the middle of Trafalgar Square, but is now located in the central courtyard of Chelsea College of Art and Design.  

For the whole month of June, our work along with many more will be playing - you can check it out at any time, with a full schedule and more information available here

Our piece - Strata - is a collaborative composition using London field recordings. Our starting point was to explore the physical structure of the Sound Portal through London’s own sound strata. My interest in the project was exploring what’s included, and excluded, from pure listening environments - what sounds we consistently try to ignore and forget, and how we can invite these sounds in to the Portal.

Sounding Space Symposium launch 5-7th June
On-site throughout the month of June



Recording after hours at the Tate Modern

This year’s MA Sound Arts students are working with the Tate Modern on Sonic Trails, a project devised by Tate’s Early Years and Families Programme in collaboration with artist Dan Scott. Last Bank Holiday Monday we amassed on the Southbank of the Thames to record in the galleries after hours. It was an impressive and surreal experience to be in such an infamous (and infamously busy) public space, without the actual public. We’ll be trialling the results of the project soon, but in the meantime here are some snaps of our recording session.

Playing the Heygate: This weekend 10 -12 May at the Barbican Centre


On this weekend at the Barbican Centre is Playing the Heygate, an audiovisual installation by LCC MA Students Sophie Mallett and Robbie Judkins. Made specifically for Nick Muhly’s A Scream and an Outrage, it explores new modes of orchestration and documentary. More info below or on the Barbican website 


Playing the Heygate 

Sophie Mallett & Robbie Judkins

Audiovisual Installation: Two channel sound (20 minute loop) + HD Video (11 minute loop)

“Something that’s hideous has become beautiful;

and something that’s beautiful has become hideous.” 

- Nico Muhly

In 1974 the Heygate Estate offered a utopian possibility for urban living. Nearly forty years after its construction, it’s been both voluntarily and forcibly abandoned. For the past ten years the Heygate has been moving towards demolition as part of the Elephant and Castle Regeneration Scheme. As it stands now, it has no functional purpose but to await its own regeneration. 

While the estate is no longer allowed to function as social housing, over the past few years it’s become the site of very different engagements with the space: an attempt to make the most of the past before it’s destroyed for the possibility of the future.

Playing the Heygate is an audiovisual installation created for Nico Muhly’s A Scream and an Outrage. Artists Sophie Mallett and Robbie Judkins make the estate both the instrument and the player: using contact microphones to turn surfaces, objects and spaces in to an urban orchestra. The installation not only documents these performances, but combines them with sound recordings and original footage from the estate in its current state of abandon. 

Playing the Heygate seeks to explore how unique interpretations of scoring and instrumentation can offer insights in to familiar landscapes.

Cinematography by Beth Atkinson

Thanks to 

Jez Riley French


Barbican Centre


If you’d like to find out more about the Heygate Estate and the regeneration scheme:




Robbie Judkins and Sophie Mallett are both completing their Masters in Sound Art at London College of Communication. Sophie is a audiovisual producer with a background in radio and improvisatory music. Her work explores emerging forms of documentary, the politics of space and participatory media. Robbie is an audio-visual artist and musician performing under the name of Left Hand Cuts off the Right. His work aims to create an immersive environment utilising DIY ethics and sources.

(via masoundartlcc)



Available for immediate purchase is this limited edition SMASHTHEPLATE™. 

Presented in a pure alabaster white low-grade porcelain this machine-made plate is perfect for localised and intensely personal acts of resistance.

This limited edition plate has proven to be extremely effective in many situations of political desperation. Situations where SMASHTHEPLATE™ may be used include:

  • anger over economic gain negating collective rights
  • anxiety over increasing moral conservatism
  • despair over increasing economic austerity
  • outrage over continuing privatisation
  • exhaustion from two-party politics
  • resentment towards power and those that seek it
  • lack of hope
  • mild psoriasis


SMASHTHEPLATE™ is easy to use. Simply transfer all thoughts and feelings in to the plate before breaking on to a hard surface.

Dramatic Re-enactment:


Please note: Due to the death and exaltation of Margaret Thatcher, as well as the unfortunate continuation of Thatcherism, demands on SMASHTHEPLATE™ have increased substantially.

Your order may take an inordinate amount of time to process. Apologies for the inconvenience.

the overnight ferry from athens to crete is a non-stop ride. until it stops. at its destination.

this is from the back of the boat in the dead of the night. it was lovely, and ridiculously hypnotic at the time, to look at and to hear. hope you get the gist. listen through headphones for hidden treats.